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No reconoce cDAQ-9188 via ethernet

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Hola Amigos 

Tengo el problema de que en Measurement & Automation,   me reconoce el chasis cDAQ-9188, pero no sus modulos  he intentado todo lo que se recomienda en esta sesion pero no obtengo resultados positivos, alguien podria orientarme...

Lo agradeceria muchisimo

PD: Adjunto lo que me aparece 

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Accepted by topic author pomontty

Hi pomontty,


Networked cDAQ systems require host reservation, to avoid conflicts where multiple hosts on the network might try to access the modules at the same time.  For that reason, you do not have access to your modules until you have selected Reserve Chassis from the top of the MAX window or from the right-click menu on your device in the Network Devices tree.  You also cannot self-test or reset the chassis when you have not reserved it, which is why you see the error you've attached.

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ohhh thank you very much, that was the solution. Now if I can work quietly


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