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No readings with Plug and Play ISA Data Acquisition Card on 2 channels

I am reinstalling a automated system after a harddrive crash. Software installed is windows 95B, Labview 4.1, NI-Daq 5.0. Hardware installed is AT-MIO-16E-10, SCXI-1120 and SCXI-1160 in a SCXI-1000. When running application the first channel will not read the ac voltage, but the third channel will read the dc voltage. I check all settings against an (almost) identical system. all looks good except that the daq config will not test good without a module set to be connected to the daq card. The working system has "none" set for both modules and tests fine. The differences between the working and not working system is that the working one is running windows 95a on a older pc. ALL other software a
nd software is identical. In troubleshooting the system i tested all hardware in the working system, all is good. I tried a newer pc with the same results. I even tried Ni-Daq 6.6 with no inprovements. This system did work with all the above software before the crash.
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Dear wat931,

This is a very peculiar issue. Why the first channel would not work when the third channel does, with the same configuration? It sounds to me like it could be a driver error.

There is nothing in the past regarding this type of occurrence, so I wonder if you could try removing the hardware and software, and try reinstalling. LabVIEW 4.1 first, then the driver (NI-DAQ 5.0 or NI-DAQ 6.6, either one, 6.6 preferably according to README files), then the hardware and let me know what happens.

If it's the same, perhaps we'll have to wipe the computer clean, including the registry. This is possible with MSI Blast that we provide on our website:

I've included documentation below regarding its use. If you decid
e to use it, you must remove everything NI from the system, not just some of it. Then you could try reinstalling.

Let me know if you have any further questions or if this does not resolve your issue.

Thanks again and have a great day!

Chad AE
Applications Engineer - National Instruments

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I do agree that this is a peculiar issue. I tried with a clean install on the original computer and also on a newer computer with a clean install. I tried taking a ghost image of the older working machine and putting it on this one. After weeding through windows complaning about the motherboard differences with win-driver changes. The NI system works fine. It looks like i'm missing a file somewhere. i did exclude the AT-GPIB/TNT+ and SCXI-1181 breadboard module that is also in the frame. The AT-GPIB/TNT+ is used to connect to and osilliscope and the 1181 is used as a custom motor stepper that is operating fine. I don't know if there is supposed to be files missing for the 1181 that can be causing problems.

Here is the setup again.
GPIB/TNT+ (card in pc)
AT-MIO-16E-10 (card in pc)
SCXI-1000 (connected to above card by cable)
SCXI-1120 with 1327 terminal block in position 2 (cable is connected to this possition)
SCXI-1181 breadboard module with 1301 TB in pos 3
SCXI-1160 with 1324 terminal block in position 4

windows 95B, Labview 4.1, NI-Daq 5.0, AT-GPIB/TNT+ drivers.

Thank you for any suggestions and help.
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