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No nixseries code support for PXIe 6374 board ?

Example code for X series that I've downloaded does not seem to support the PXIe 6374 board. In examples (devices.cpp), there is a function getDeviceInfo that looks up an array to match a product ID with the one read from the board (31130, which is the Subsystem ID in output from the QNX pci utility, shown below). I see that the array does not include anything for the 6374 board. It does include other X series devices. The MHDDK code for QNX 6 detects the board at bus number 5, device number 0, which is correct.

I noticed that the date on code files from my very recent download (nixseries.tar.gz) are 2011.

The same applies to code for Windows/Labview RT/RTX. Is there code supporting the 6374 board?


Curiously, the QNX pci utility seems to indicate a PXIe-4353 from device ID, which is also not in the array mentioned. This is the output of the pci utility:

Class = Data Acquisition (Other)
Vendor ID = 1093h, National Instruments
Device ID = c4c4h, PXIe-4353
PCI index = 0h
Class Codes = 118000h
Revision ID = 0h
Bus number = 5
Device number = 0
Function num = 0
Status Reg = 10h
Command Reg = 6h
Header type = 0h Single-function
BIST = 0h Build-in-self-test not supported
Latency Timer = 0h
Cache Line Size= 10h un-cacheable
BAR - 0 [Mem] = ef000000h 32bit length 262144 enabled
Subsystem Vendor ID = 1093h
Subsystem ID = 799ah
Max Lat = 0ns
Min Gnt = 0ns
PCI Int Pin = INT A
Interrupt line = 11
CPU Interrupt = bh
Capabilities Pointer = 50h
Capability ID = 5h - Message Signaled Interrupts
Capabilities = 80h - 0h
Capability ID = 1h - Power Management
Capabilities = 3h - 8h
Capability ID = 10h - PCI Express
Capabilities = 1h - 7e88002h

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