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Ni DAQmx interface for DELPHI

Just got the NI USB-91xx which we have to control from Borland Delphi since all the other equipment is using NI-GPIB (GPIB-USB) and Delphi. Any updates on a NIDAQ.PAS that is compatible with NI-DAQmx?
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Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for the USB-9211 in Delphi. The USB-9211 used DAQmxBase (whihc is different from DAQmx). Some customers have had a bit of luck getting DAQmx to work in Delphi but I haven't heard of anyone using DAQmxBase. If you are able to perform DLL calls from Delphi to the DAQmxBase C API dll then it could be possible. You must remember that the DAQmxBase C function dll is written with the C calling convention only. The DAQmx C function dll has BOTH the standard and C calling conventions. This has been a reason why DAQmxBase has had problems in other languages. For example, VB6 requires the standard calling convention. That is why DAQmx works so easily with it but not DAQmxBase.

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