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Ni 9219 Quarter bridge with 3 wire DMS

Hello comunity,


is it possible to use an 3 wire strain gage in a quarter bridge from Ni 9219 ? We just ordered 3 wire strain gage, but im not sure how to connect it with the NI 9219.

i hope you can help with with this problem.


The picture DMS shows the 3 wire strain gage from our supplier.


greets Maik

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Hello Dustec,


Ignore one of the wires pictured in the diagram below and connect the other two wires to the NI-9219. Cover the wire you decide to ignore with electrical tape.




Best Regards,



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Hello Dustec,

have you more questions, releated to this topic?

Or is the answer from Izzy your solution?

Feel free to ask.

Greetings, Lisl

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