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Need to show daq readings every second but only save a reading every 10 minutes. Also want to save the date and time, at the same rate. Help needed

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Need to show daq readings every second  but only save a reading every 10 minutes, Help needed
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Are you also looking to sample the DAQ at 1 Hz? 

My approach would be to use the DAQ acquisition to time your loop displaying the reading each acquisition and then use the loop counter to control the logic of your file write.  For 1 Hz and a 10 minute write i would use "quotient and remainder" i / 600; if remainder= 0, then write data point.


For date and time, under Timing pallete use the Get Date/Time in seconds feeding a Format Date/Time to string.

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Randman Thanks for the solution, it works very well. I am also saving date and time vectors as well as the signal one.

Thanks again :manvery-happy:

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