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NIDaqmxbase Read VI till buffer empty challenge

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Hi Scott,

Thanks for your effort! That's a handy extension you've written. I've created three CARs from this thread:

CAR 188602: To look into adding a VI like yours as a property VI
CAR 188606: To define '-1 samples' as 'read all available samples' for DAQmx Base Read
CAR 188607: To remove redundant timeout checks in DAQmx Base Read

Glancing through the code, it appears that S Series is alone in the use of variant properties to store task parameters. The newer USB code does not use variants for task parameterization.
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Glad it was useful!  It was a little tricky to find out what was general to all board and what was general to certain hardware families.  I kept expanding the case structure.  It turns out that the HW references are not all uniform (obviously since they have different properties) and then for the S series I had to parse the Variant properities, but it all worked in the end.  I always start with the smallest duplicated code but in this case it kept expanding to handle the other cases.


Building it in as a standard property would be great. 

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This is an incredible handy VI for my application. Thanks!


Is there a version available for LabVIEW 8.2?

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Sure, here is a LV 8.2 version.  It should probably be with NIDAQmx 3.3.  I haven't tested it but it at least loads and compiles under LV 8.2.1.




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Thanks again, sth.


I keep getting an error 15 - resource not found. I expect it may be because I've got an E series board?


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Please ignore the above message... I'm lucky there isn't a button for anti-kudos!
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