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NIDaqmx on windows XP

Hi. I was using LV2014 until last year and now I upgraded to LV2017. One LabView program that I am using is installed on Windows XP, Win7 and Win10. I made a important change on this program and all was ok on win7 and win10, but LV2017 is not running on WinXP. I made a copy and saved all my project for a previous version (2014). However my program use NIDaqmx and when I try to run the new execute on XP the next message appears:


"LabVIEW: Resource not found

An error occurred loading VI 'DAQmx Create Channel (AI-Voltage-Basic).vi'.

LabVIEW load error code 3: Could not load front panel."


Who knows how to solve this issue?


Thanks in advance

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Which DAQmx driver did you install?

NI-DAQmx and Microsoft Windows Compatibility


DAQmx provides XP support up to 15.5.1.

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Hi joengomez:


     Unfortunately, LabVIEW 2017 is not compatible with Windows XP, so this might be the cause of the issue. 

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