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NIDMM_32.DLL usage

I have an VC++ application which uses a NI 4060 DMM. I followed the C
example provided in the simplAcq sample, which links to NIDMM_32.LIB. My
application takes a *real-long* time to load, due to all of the DLLs which
are required by the niDMMxxx api. Since the DMM is used only occasionally
in the app, I'd like to load NIDMM_32.DLL dynamically, but I must confess
that I am at a loss on how to do so. I've tried to #import it, because it
has a typelib, but this fails ( VC6 sp3 ). Does anyone have a concrete
example on how to do use the NI DMM api from a C/C++ in such a way that the
api can be loaded at a time controlled by the application?

Chris Lincoln
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