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NIDAQmx 8.0 on Fedora 5 , client module problem

NIDAQmx 8.0
Fedora Core 5
Kernel ver.
I'm trying to install the NIDAQmx8.0 on my fedora system.
Before installing the NI driver on my system, I read the instructions in this forum.
So, I succeed the final step.
(updateNIDrivers, NIKAL is successfully updated without any errors)
But I found that client modules didn't installed.
After running updateNIDrivers, there's no error but i got only 2 modules "nikal.ko" and "nipalk.ko".
In some document, I saw that there must be other client modules (many clinet modules..)
for example,  nipxirmk.ko , nimru2k.ko , nimxdfk.ko , nimdbgk.ko and so on...
But I don't have this kind of modules.
therefore, when I type the "nilsdev", there appears a message like "module nimdbgk.ko can't be found"...
What should I do for getting the clent modules.
Please Help me.

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As Fedora Core 5.0 is not supported version of Linux, I would post this on one of the ongoing threads to see if one of the posters there has any insight. That thread has a great how-to that has been successful for many posters.


Andrew S 

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