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NI cDAQ-9181 with NI9234 suddenly stops any way of restart things in MAX from LabVIEW

I have a system with two sets of NI cDAQ-9181 (ethernet chassi) with NI9234 suddenly stops. When I look in MAX the NI9234 it is "grayed-out" and only way to get it work again is delete module and do referesh, and again rename the module.


This seems to happen randomly, but also it seem stem from power-outtage. My question can I restart this programatically in some way? Or any ideas what could casue this?

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Hi Anders-


My suggestion would be to try a Device Reset, Self Test, or DAQmx Reserve Network Device on the cDAQ chassis device (like cDAQ-9181-<serial number> or whatever name it has in your system).


I suspect that you are experiencing a network communication timeout between the 9181 and your Windows host PC.  I described this situation in a little bit more detail in this thread.


Hopefully this helps-

Tom W
National Instruments
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