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NI USB for photoelectric sensor?


Hello, I am a newbie on this forum. I want to connect the photoelectric sensor BX15M-TDT (through-beam) with the NI instrument (USB). Kindly recommend the suitable NI USB and how to wire (connection) with that NI USB.

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You need a 12V 40mA power supply and one digital input and may one additional resistor (5k to 10k) . Timing critical ?

USB 600x or any other USB box with at least one digital input is fine.

Usually with an additional powersupply for the sensor.


(You can even abuse a COM port (or USB2RS232) flow control line if available , but that could be considerd as a hack 😉 )

Depending on what you have or buy, the manual will help you or you ask again with the type of device...


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