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NI USB - 6218 and Load Cell

Hello Everyone,

I have the NI USB-6218 Multifunction I/O and I am trying to connect it and test 2 load cells. After connected, I am using the NIDAQ Express but I cant select the Force (Bridge) Input  but just voltage.

While I am applying load, I can see only a small difference in the voltage. I have tried changing the scale of the axis but still the same..

What would you suggest? I am connecting the Load Cell with a DC power supply and then the white and yellow cable to the DAQ and the DAQ via USB to the computer. Do I need to do something? Do I need to connect also the DAQ with a power supply?


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Hi Alexis_Koul,


The NI 6218 looks like it does basic Analog and Digital IO. You'll want to use different hardware to take bridge measurements. The links below have some more information:

Choosing an NI Measurement System for Strain, Pressure, Load, or Torque


Load, Pressure, and Torque Measurements: How-To Guide

Jiwhan S.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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