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NI USB-6211 no AO generation

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Dear all,


I'm currently stuck with my NI USB-6211. I'm trying to generate a voltage waveform via an AO channel. I also want to record some signal (AI) and generate some pulse train using a counter.

I'm coding a C++/Qt software using the DAQmx ansi C library.

The Code I'm using worked, I used it extensivly on a different project (different computer). And It worked at the beginning when I installed it on the current. Then after trying to generate a pulse train it stop working  (without any error send by the card) so I tested the card in NI max and even there nothing was working (both AO and CTR). 

I noticed that when I try to start a task I observe a spike on the oscilloscope but that's all.

I tried to plug/unplug the card but without success.


Thanks in advance for yout help

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Well, the card started to work again... no clue about what happened.

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