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NI USB 6210 at power up

Hi everybody


we use NI USB6210. Now I saw, that when I power up my PC and the card is connected or when I plug in the card when PC is up there is a short (about one sec) high pulse at all digital output pins

Is that a known behaviour and how can I get rid of it?


Thanks a lot



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Hello Martin,


what are the power up settings in MAX?

What is connected to the device?

What voltage has the spike?

Which DAQmx driver is in use?


How do I Set the Digital Output Line Power Up State and What Boards Support Them?


For the analog output there is a Power On Glitch specification on page 3

best regards
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Hello Alexander,


I got news in this case:

The board I used when I saw this pulse had a damage in the analog part, while the digital part seemed to be still working ok ie it prduced the levels I programmed.

Now I received a nes 6210 and tried this one too and it does not have this power up pulse or more precisely it is much smaller than the 0.8V low level maximum.


So I think the problem is kind of solved


Thank you for your help anyway




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Hello Martin,


thanks for the feedback and have a nice day.

best regards
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