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NI USB-600x OEM Discontinued?

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In the past, my team has incorporated the USB-6001 OEM into lots of our designs. I was looking to order one again for a new project, but when I google it, the link just redirects me to the standard USB-6001 page.


I cannot find the OEM version through NIs website search bar either.


Does anyone know if these have been discontinued??

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Hi Trevor,


I tried searching for the USB-6001 OEM in NI's search bar and the attached results showed up. I believe the device was simply renamed to USB-6001 and is no longer searchable as USB-6001 OEM.

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Yeah, that's the same page I was redirected to as well.


However, there's no way to select between ordering a standard USB-6001 and what used to be a USB-6001 OEM. They are different. The standard one is what you see in the photo there, but the OEM version has no enclosure (bare PCB) and just one mating connector to connect to a custom motherboard.


I was able to get a quote for the OEM version by contacting NI directly and this is the route I'll take in the future to order any OEM parts unless they become available again for direct order.

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