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NI-USB 6009 Not Recognized by NI-MAX

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I have two NI-USB 6009 cards.

In the NI-MAX application, when I connect card 1, it is correctly detected and assigned the name Dev1, and I can use it in LABVIEW.

However, when I connect card 2, NI-MAX does not recognize it, labeling it as USB\VID_3923&PID717B, and displays the message "Windows does not have a driver associated with your device," which prevents me from using the card in LABVIEW.

How can I solve this problem? I have already tried different versions of NI-MAX without resolution. Both cards were working fine weeks ago. I currently use LABVIEW Community and NI-MAX 2023 Q4 (running on Windows 11).

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Try these steps.

NI USB DAQ Device Not Identified Correctly In NI MAX

NI MAX Not Recognizing USB DAQ Device When Connected Through USB 3.0

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I followed the steps as described here However, I was unable to resolve the problem initially.


In the Windows 11 Device Manager, the card was listed as USB-6009 with a "?" symbol. So, I right-clicked on the card and selected the "Update Driver" option. A window appeared where I chose the "Search automatically for drivers" option, and Windows 11 updated the driver, and the card was recognized. This created a category in the Device Manager list labeled "NI Data Acquisition Devices," and within it, the USB-6009 card now appears without any configuration issue symbols. After this, NI-MAX correctly recognizes the card, and it can be used in LABVIEW.


Now the card works fine. 

Thanks for the help.

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