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NI USB-6008 Fails Self Test

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There are two USB-6008 devices directly attached to the computer (not through USB HUB). Both fail self test. What seems contradictory to me is that NI MAX finds them, and places them under "Devices and Interfaces". Yet the error message says it is not present. Also in the message is "Unknown Device". But NI-MAX has identified the device and named it in "Devices and Interfaces".


Is there a missing driver? DAQmx 9.3 has been installed. The LabVIEW version is 8.5.

Self Test Fail.jpg

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Try this KB: Error -88705 When DAQ Device Is Not Detected in NI MAX - NI



Just curious, where did you get this hardware? Have you ever registered this hardware serial number into your account? You may register it and check if it still in warranty. If the warranty is active, I highly recommend you send it back to NI to diagnostic. 


Register it here: My Products - National Instruments (

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This problem is solved. To solve it I had to remove DAQmx 9.3, and install DAQmx 9.0.


I have to use earlier versions of DAQmx because the VI is running in LabVIEW 8.5.

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