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NI USB-6002 anti-aliasing filter

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I'm using a NI USB-6002 to take simultaneous voltage readings on a couple of different channels and sampling rates. I'm aware that to avoid aliasing effects I need to low-pass filter each signal before it's sampled by the DAQ. In the USB-6002 user guide I can't find any mention of anti-aliasing filters. Does this mean that I need to pass the voltage signal through an external low-pass filter myself before the DAQ inputs, or is anti-aliasing 'built in' to how the DAQ works?
Thanks in advance.

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The 6002 does not have anti-aliasing built in.  You'd need to handle that yourself.  


(Note: it also doesn't support different sample rates on different channels at the same time, though you can usually just sample at the highest needed rate and post-process the slow-changing sensor if desired.  Also, it's  a multiplexing DAQ, so channels aren't truly simultaneous.  For many apps they're close enough though.)



-Kevin P

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