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NI USB 6000 encoder

Hello i have one NI-6001

I would try to connect an encoder with the following cable to the instrument how can i proceed:

A red cable

B orange cable

/A yellow

/B green

GND black

5 V brown






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You can try to refer to the links below on how to connect to an encoder and related information.

Since you mentioned about connecting to an encoder, you might need to be aware that USB-6001 has only 1 counter which could only count edges of the encoder pulses and might not be able measuring position.

USB-6001 Pinout - Multifunction I/O Device Manual - National Instruments

USB-6001Connection to Digital Encoder - NI Community

NI USB-6001 Specifications - National Instruments



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Hello Thanks for the reply

I have found this.

Do you think that i can use this connection with 6001?


I want to measure frequency, period, pulse width, semi period, two edge separation, position, velocity, duty cycle, or count edges with my NI hardware. How do I wire up or connect my encoder to a counter?


The encoder has five outputs: Channel A Out, Channel B Out, Channel A Inverse Out, Channel B Inverse Out and Z-Index.

Connecting the encoder to a single counter:
  1. Choose Channel A and Channel B or Channel A Inverse and Channel B Inverse. Do not connect a non-inversed and an inversed channel to the same counter. For example, Channel A Out and Channel A Inverse Out should not be connected to the same counter.
  2. After selecting a valid pair of inversed or non-inversed channels, make one of the following connections configurations depending on the channel pair selected:
    • Configuration 1
      • Channel A to Source
      • Channel B to AUX
      • Z-Index to Gate
    • Configuration 2
      • Channel A Inverse to Source
      • Channel B Inverse to AUX
      • Z-Index to Gate



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I have done this connection

a to pf0 b to pf1




But i have no signal


Do you think that with the USB 6210 i can red the encoder?

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Sorry for the late reply. 

Seems like you managed to get the connections in. 

Yes, it is possible to use UBB 6210 as it has two counters.

You can check out the manual in the link below for references.

USB-6210 Specifications - National Instruments (

USB-6210 Pinout - Multifunction I/O Device Manual - National Instruments

USB-6210 Quadrature encoder hookup - NI Community


Best Regards.

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