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NI USB 6000 +NIDAQMX support in linux(ubuntu )

Inspite of trying all methods suggested in NI forums, we are unable to list the NI USB 6000.

Will DAQMX driver support in linux??

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Can you please clarify your question. What Linux distribution are you using, what are you planning to do, what is your programming interface(LabVIEW or python or what) and where are you listing the device.

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It looks like the USB multifunction I/O devices are not supported in Linux. The latest readme file for the DAQmx Linux drivers is linked here . This file gives a list of all DAQmx devices supported on Linux. Several CompactDAQ chassis and many PCI(e)/PXI(e) modules are supported but I didn't find the USB-6000 series in the list.

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