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NI System Configuration for LV7.1

Hi  NI CEO, Managers and Enginners...... Please provide support NI System Configuration for LV 7.1.

I am still using it. I am jealous of those who happily use the DAQmx configuration.ini without having to use MAX.

Please provide it.....



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Hi Clement,


There's a related idea on the DAQ Idea Exchange: Ability to have multiple and distant Labview development versions installed. I recommend giving that idea a "kudos".

I was about to suggest using the older "MAX Copy Configuration" VI, but that VI didn't support LabVIEW 7.1 either.


NI System Configuration also has a C API, which might be your best bet for getting it to work with LabVIEW 7.1. I think import/export would require setting up call library function nodes for NISysCfgInitializeSession(), NISysCfgExportConfiguration(), NISysCfgImportConfiguration(), and NISysCfgCloseHandle() from nisyscfg.dll. Here's the documentation: NI System Configuration Function Reference for LabWindows/CVI. The nisyscfg.h header file gets installed when you select LabWindows/CVI in the NI System Configuration installer (not the DAQmx installer).



Brad Keryan
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