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NI Screw Terminal Info



I have a SCB-68 HSDIO and a SCB-100 connector block that I am using for a design.


I am trying to figure out the size of the screw terminals on both these boards. I havn't seen anything in either of their user guides/data sheets that describe the size of the screws or openings in the screw terminals.

I ultimately wanted to figure out if I could fit a ring connector into the screw terminals.


Does anyone know if this is possible or where I can find this information for these connector blocks?



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I did not find any information about size of screw terminals either. But do not expect screw terminals which accept more than 1.5mm2 (AWG16) wires. So ring connectors probably will not fit. 

BTW NEVER solder wire strands together, this method is not recommended by all terminal manufacturers I know. Rather twist the end or use tip sleeves. 

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