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NI PXIe 6124 synchronization


I have a nice S serie NI PXIe 6124 multifunction DAQ, with 4 simultaneous AI. I need synchronized acquisition in my application. The four channel always acquire with the same sampling time and sampling frequency. I have one simple question : are the 4 AI already synchronized, or are they just "simultaneous", and I need to program the synchronization myself in LabVIEW?


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The 4 analog input of the PXIe-6124 are simultaneous, it means that there are four Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs).


Here Is information about PXIe-6124 synchronization :


Here is information about synchronization on DAQmx. There are also some examples developped on LabVIEW :


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Hi AllamSamir, and thank you for your answer.

I know that my 6124 DAQ have four simultaneous ADC, but it is not the question. I want to know if when I acquire 4 signal using my 4 AI, they are already acquired exactlely at the same time (synchronized), or if the 4 acquisition are just started not exactly at the same time ("simultaneous").

The link you provided is about synchronization on the same device, typicaly synchronisation between AI and AO, but not between several AI of the same device (my question). They also mention synchronization between different DAQ device, possibly from different family.

My AI must use the same AI sample clock, but I want to know if this garanty that every analog to digital convertion is done at the same instant. I call it synchronized if the answer is yes, and simply simultaneous if the answer is no.

I hope that I've made my question more understandable.

Thank you.


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