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NI PCIe 6361 with USB adaptor


I have an NI PCIe-6361 Card. The Single Board Computer with which i want to use it does not have any PCI/PCIe slot in it . Is there any possibility to use PCIe-6361 Card with some commercially available PCIe to USB adapter?


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I have looked at National Instruments' products and I did not find any PCIe to USB adapter. That being said, 3rd party adapters may work with our hardware but are not guaranteed to interface correctly. Are you able to find any adapter's online?  


Michael B.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments


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Hi Michael B

Thanks for help. No, until now  i am unable to find any suitable adapter/converter module. Do you have some in mind?


Thanks & Regards

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I unfortunately don't have any in mind. From my quick online search I was unable to find any.


Michael B.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments 

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You may want to consider the USB-6361.


PCIe is a low-latency memory-mapped bus. USB has much higher latency and is packet-based. I would not expect a generic "PCIe-to-USB converter", if one existed, to perform well. (The USB-6361, on the other hand, is designed with USB's bus considerations in mind.)

Brandon Streiff ·
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Thanks. We are already using USB-6361 but wanted to utilize existing PCIe-6361 in stand alone mode.

 Is there any other (other than USB) solution possible to use PCIe-6361 in stand alone mode?


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