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NI PCIe-6323: Exporting the 100 MHz timebase to a PFI

We are currently using the NI 6323 with an external 10-MHz reference clock at PFI0 to generate other four other clock signals with counters 0-3 (see picture). For one of our applications, we would like to export a 100-MHz clock derived from the reference 10 MHz clock to another PFI. I checked that a 100-MHz timebase is generated at the output of the PLL. However, in the "DAQ Export", only the 20-MHz timebase is available as an option to export. Is there a way to send the 100-MHz timebase to a PFI using LabVIEW? Thanks!
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This is not something I've ever tried and I can only poke around the API with a simulated X-series device.


MAX suggests that there *is* an allowable indirect routing available to push the 100 MHz timebase out to any of several PFI pins.  Note: "indirect" routing generally consumes one of the counters.


The DAQmx Export Signal *Property Node* allows a few more options than the similarly named vi.  None of them seem to allow an explicit specification of the 100 MHz timebase though.  The best candidate I see is under Clocks->Sample Clock Timebase.  To test this out, I'd make some kind of dummy task that I explicitly configured to use the 100 MHz clock as a sample clock timebase.  Then I'd use the Export Signal Propety Node to try to route that sample clock timebase out to a PFI pin.


No guarantees b/c I can't check with real hardware, just describing what I'd *try*.



-Kevin P

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