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NI PCI-6713 not listed in NiDAQmx 8.7

I have NI PCI-6713 card and a NI BNC2110 accessory connected to it.

Measurement and automation explorer version 4.5 and NIDAQ8.7 are installed alongwith LabVIEW 8.6.

MAX does not list PCI-6713 card under NiDAQmx, but it lists under PXI as [PXI6::2::NI PCI6713] and a chassis file is required.

i do not know how to configure BNC2110 with NI PCI-6713 under these circumstances as i am not using any chassis to mount the PCI-6713 .

PCI-6713 is mounted in one of the CPU slots.

Also the instrument input/output assistant dispalys that no physical channels are available, when i create a task to create an analog output.

Kindly suggest me what should i do.............

Kindly reply and ask if i need to specify more details.




Laser Lab

Department of Physics

Indian Institute of Science.



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