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NI PCI-4472B


Hi there:

Does any one suggest an industrial Laptop or UMPC for this NI card : NI PCI-4472B.


I Want to have it installed in a portable solution, so if someone can help choose the right PC, it would be really nice.


Thank's in advance.



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I don't know of any laptops or ultra-mobile PCs that have PCI slots.  There are a few companies that have portable industrial PCs with PCI slot's, however they are significantly larger than a standard laptop.


A quick google search for "industrial portable pci" or "industrial portable computer" yields:


NI does not recommend a specific manufacturer, though the PCI-4472B should work with any computer that meets the LabVIEW system requirements, has a PCI slot and a supported operating system.



These portable  PCs are much larger than a laptop.  An alternative would be to use the USB-4432, which has the same sampling frequency, a few less channels, but connects easily through USB.


There are also a few companies who create USB to PCI bridges, however these are not supported by National Instruments and may not be compatible with our cards.


Eric S.
AE Specialist | Global Support
National Instruments
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