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NI PCI-4351

Hi there,


I'm working with PCI-6731, and cannot get windows 7 to recognize the card after installing the beta 7.5 legacy driver.  It still shows up in device manager as unknown PCI device, and there are no devices listed in the tree in Measurement and Automation Explorer.  All searches have ended up at "install beta 7.5", but is there another way around this issue?


Looking forward to hearing back.




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We also have the same problem with this card ( 4351 ) but i would like to ask this.

Say we get the correct drivers on a XP machine and program the 4351 card. Would they work with the rest of the program that has two NI DAQ X series (6363 and 6368) also some other multiplexer daq?

Also we run everything on NI real time on a PXI chassis.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Eleftherios,


You should be able to use the 4351 under Traditional DAQ or the 435x driver cocurrently with your X-series cards under DAQmx. Just keep in mind that the programming style for the different drivers (and thus devices) are different. If you would like to use the same driver, I'd recommend looking at our newer SC Express devices. For thermocouples it is the PXIe-4353. This uses the same DAQmx driver as the X-series.


Steven K.
National Instruments
Software Engineer
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I met a same trouble in finding Traditional DAQ 7.5 for PCI-4351. The link is not available.

Could anyone know how to get a copy of NI-DAQ 7.5 for PCI-4351?


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