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NI MAX not showing cameras and CAN connection

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Hello All,

I am trying to connect my Basler camera as well as my CAN terminal to my pc. Following which I was hoping to see it in NI MAX. However, NI MAX had no devices or interfaces recognized in it. On doing some research I installed NI-VISA and finally got to see my COM ports but nothing else. For camera I've already installed VAS, VDM, NI IMAQ and NI IMAQdx. My target is to do touch-related Vision training and this is a h/w pre-requisite to that.



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I tried comparing this pc with the another pc that I have(NI PXI) and changed the Pylon IP configurator settings and corresponding IP values in network and sharing centre in Windows. So now I can see Basler in NI MAX under Network devices. However, I am not getting the grab option.

The issue with CAN still stands.



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Accepted by topic author SamKan1

Instead of adding the IP shown in Network & sharing centre -> Change adapter settings -> selected device(Camera in this case) and setting it in Pylon, set the IP allocated in Pylon in Network and sharing centre. Static IP option should be selected in Pylon IP configurator.


For CAN, the issue got resolved using the USB NI CAN h/w tool(NI USB 8502) whereby CAN(DB9 port ) was inserted inside port 1 and the USB was connected to the CPU.

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