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NI-DMM 1.5 and NI-Switch 1.5 now available

NI-DMM 1.5 and NI-Switch 1.5 are now available at
This release adds compliance to the latest specification of IviDmm and
IviSwitch (version 2.0) respectively while maintaining backwards
compatibility with earlier IVI specifications.

Minimum Application Development Environments:
LabVIEW 5.0 (or later)
LabWindows/CVI 5.0.1 (or later)
MSVC 6.0
MSVB 6.0

Additional Software required:
NIDAQ 6.7.0 (or later)
NI-VISA 2.01 (or later)
IVI Engine 1.52 (or later)

Supported hardware NI-DMM:
NI 4050 for PCMCIA, NI 4060 for PCI, NI 4060 for PXI

Supported hardware NI-Switch:
NI 2501 for PXI,
NI 2503 for PXI, NI 2565 for PXI, NI 2590 for
SCXI-1127, SCXI-1160, SCXI-1161, SCXI-1163R, SCXI-1190,

Mark Silva
Software Engineer
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