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NI-DAQmx Runtime 18.1.0 with Configuration Support doesn't install NI Update Service

I've got two different systems which are running NI-DAQmx Runtime 18.1.0 with Configuration Support. One of them started out with version 16.0.0 of this runtime package, but then I upgraded to 18.1.0. On the second system, I installed 18.1.0 only. I found that the second system is missing the NI Update Service. I checked this out by looking at the installation files left in the C:\National Instruments Downloads\NI-DAQmx folders, and sure enough, the 16.0 folder has a Products\UpdateService subfolder, but 18.1 doesn't. Why would you leave out such an important (even critical) component from the newer runtime package?


I'm currently attempting to install the full 18.0.0 package with developer environment, in the hopes that this will rectify this oversight. Sure wish that wasn't necessary, though! The full package is huge and takes way longer to install, and I don't usually need the extra baggage.

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I posted in the wrong thread, sorry about that.

Sam J.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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