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NI-DAQmx-Devices in PXI-1045 not found with Example Code

I'm developing a measure-application under Visual Studio 2005 with Visual C# and .net Framework 2.0.
My Problem: the NI-DAQmx-Devices (PXI-2532, PXI6259 and PXI-4072) in my PXI-1045 rack aren't listet in the findresources example programm.
Other devices, for example the NI-PXI-GPIB cards are listed correctly.
MAX lists all cards, so that there shouldn't be a driver-problem.
Many thanks & best regards,
Marco Paul
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Hi Marco!

Thera are only devices shown wich you normaly use with VISA. To show all your devices start the MAX. Select Software -> NI-VISA. In the window which is now displayed at the right side select General Settings and change the "PCI/PXI and FireWire Interfaces" setting to "Show all devices accessible to VISA". If you run the C# Example again you get listed all your devices.

But for example to use your PXI-6259 M-Series Card is much simpler to use the DAQmx. Have a look at the DAQ sample projects.

Best Regards

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Thank you very much, that helped me to solve the problem!
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