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NI DAQCard-AI-16E-4 (NI 6041E)

Hi Everyone,


I have  DAQCArd-AI-16E-4. It doesn't used for a long time (perhaps 5-7 years). I know that DAQCArd-AI-16E-4 is not supported and I know that this is a very old instrument. I use Windows 98, LabView 7.0 and the Traditional DAQ device drivers. Digital I/O works correctly. But I have some problems with analog input.


If the card is not connected to the device the "Test Panel" shows that output level of my signal have 9.4335V on all channels. When i conect ACH0 and ACH8 to AIGND it works the same. There are a very large constant component on all channels.


When I connect to SCXI-1000 it working properly with digital ports. But the analog signal is wrong (connected to SCXI-1121). SCXI-1121 and SCXI-1000 are working properly (verified on the NI PCI-6251). As the input signal was taken the sine 440Hz (Fig.1). The test signal is applied to SCXI-1121(gain 1000).



Fig.1 Input signal



Fig.2 Signal from analog port


The maximum recorded value (data derived from ADC) 4,803467V minimum 4,645996V. The minimum level of tension which I recorded was 0.00122V. If you look at the configuration DAQCard-AI-16E-4 (, this is possible when the Gain = 2 (page 25). And this is normal. But the record have only about 130 samples (from min to max) and the signal is highly distorted. If the signal exceeds the gain amplifiers or signal recording band I would just cuted.


Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
It is possible that analog ports require calibration or they are dead? If the card requires the calibration how I can do it?



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Do you think there could be a short of some sort on the board?  You mentioned that when you connect ACH0 to ACH8 to AIGND it works the same.  Do you mean you get the ~9.5V output on all channels or that it works normally?  Is there a DMM handy for you to check the channels?


It is also entirely possible that you need calibration for the channels.  Here's a link to the calibration services provided by NI: 

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I mean that my card give me the 9.5V on this channel. I check only one input channel. I cite this example to show that the input channel has no electric leveling. It means that the amplifier reference ground has bad reference level.


Thank you for the link! But I can't find there how to do calibration without sending card in NI Calibration Services. Or there is only one way to do this? For example the module NI PCI-6251 has the ability to do program calibration from the test menu. Or this feature is works only for newer devices?


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I'd check out this link if you'd like to try calibrating yourself:

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Thank you so much!!! I'll try to do the calibration!

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