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NI 9265 has external power of 24 volts but the output channels only read 7 volts



I have a cRIO 9076 with two NI 9265 modules, one NI 9207 module, and one NI 9482 module. The issue I am having is with the NI 9265 modules. I am using an external power supply to provide 24 volts to the module but each of the output channels reads either 7 volts or 13.2 volts. I need the modules to measure 24 volts for each channel in order for the system to function properly. Does anyone know what is wrong or what I need to change to fix this problem? Thanks for your help.

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The 9265 is a current output (0-20ma) device. Why are you using this if you need to source a voltage?
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What load are you connecting to?  Do you have a schematic of your setup?  The 9265 does have a compliance voltage of 12V, so you shouldn't get much above that.

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