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NI-9263 AO (in cDAQ-9178) very slow sample rate

Hi there,

I currently have an Analog Out unit NI-9263 in a cDAQ-9178 chassis (usb).


My problem is that the output sample rate of the AO device is only about 2 Hz! There is also a huge (>1sec) latency.

I've managed to get a decent sample rate for my AI device by selecting 'continuous sampling' rather than 'sample on demand', however this does not help with the AO.

The NI-9263 is apparently supposed to have a rate of 100 kS/s per channel! And I know usb devices should be able to acheive latencies of as low as 10ms.

If anyone has solved this problem or has an idea of what might be the cause, your help would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks for you help,

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Are you performing hardware timed acquisition or software timed? a picture of of the code could be useful in spotting glaring coding mistakes..

National Instruments | AWR Group
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