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NI 9263 AO Inconsistent with Oscilloscope

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Hello All,

I am running LabVIEW 2015, and am using a cDAQ 9178 and an NI 9263 AO module.  I am trying to generate two voltage signals: two square pulses on two separate channels of the AO to trigger two different pieces of equipment in a precisely timed way.


The problem is, I am having some inconsistencies in the voltage I am telling LabVIEW to generate and what I am measuring on my oscilloscope.  I am using two "Simulate Signal" blocks to generate a 2V pulse and a 3V pulse, but measured on the oscilloscope I am getting ~20 volts and ~30 volts, respectively.  When I try changing the amplitude of the pulses, I very reliably measure voltages on the oscilloscope about 10x higher than what I am telling the DAQ to do.


The code I am using is attached, as well as screen shots.  Hopefully I am just making a silly mistake.  Any help is appreciated.




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Hello Beckled1234,


The 9263 can output +-10 V. If you are measuring 20V and 30V I suggest you check the configuration on the oscilloscope or use a DMM to ensure the output is correct first.


Diego H

National Instruments.

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I double-checked with a DMM and seem to be getting the correct voltage, so I imagine you are correct.


Thanks for the help!

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