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NI 9219 Fast Sampling Rate


Hi NI Community,


I have a NI 9219 DAQ recording resistance at very fast rate (20S/s) but the module cannot keep up the sampling rate. I used the sample program for resistance and added a few arrays to record the time and data on the table. Apparently the module can only record a change in value for every 5/10 of a second. How do I improve my structure so that the program records the data for every 1/10 of a second or 1/100 of a second based on the sampling rate input? Would the hardware be capable in achieving this task?


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Can't look at your code now, but have you seen this?   Looks like you may need to configure the device away from its default limit of 2 Hz sampling.



-Kevin P

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Hi, one thing I noticed, maybe it's just a default value, but the sample rate on the front panel is set to 1000 and the max sample rate of the NI-9219 is 100.

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