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NI-9217 RTD input accuracy in relation to ambient temperature



I have a question concerning the accuracy specification of the NI-9217.  Curious if NI or someone else has more detailed information about the accuracy specifications.  The specification for the NI-9217 states for a 3 wire configuration (which is quite good):


Measured Value      Ambient 25C    Ambient -40C to 70C         20C to 30C

-200C to 150C        0.20C                0.5C                                   ???


Interested if NI possibly has a graph/data that might suggest what the accuracy might be in a laboratory temperature environment.  Would be an additional column to the datasheet 🙂











Not really a problem. Just curious if NI can provide more accuracy information. The NI-9217 datasheet specifies:

For measured value -200C to 150C
Typical 25C: Accuracy 0.2C
Maximum -40C to 70C: Accuracy 05C

In our applications, the NI-9217 will be used in a Lab enviorenment that will be typically 20C to 30C and are measuring ranges between 0C and 100C. Is there possibly a graph that can be disclosed that shows accuracy over different ambient temperatures?



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Hi Dan, 


I do not think that we have a graph with the data for different ambient temperature, but from what your description implies (ambient temperature of 20-30C measuring 0-100C) the accuracy should be pretty close to 0.2C. The slight fluctuations in the ambient temperature should not effect the accuracy enormously 🙂


NI 9217 Datasheet (page 5): 


Hopefully this helps! 

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Thanks for the information.  I agree that with minimal ambient temperature change the accuracy should be similar to the typical 25C.  Was just looking for some data to back up that thought.  



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