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NI 9207 only reads 2 of the 5 wired current input channels



I have a NI cRIO 9076 with two NI 9265 analog input modules, one NI 9482 relay module, and one NI 9207 analog input module. The NI 9207 module has 5 lines wired into current inputs. There is also an external supply voltage of 24 volts supplied to the module. The module is used to read data from three flow meters, a pressure gage, and a flow meter. The first two current inputs from the first two flow meters reads correctly, but the last three do not read anything. I am not sure what the issue is. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

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Hi Leroy,


Are you trying to read the AI channels all the same way? How are you verifying your data/lack-of-data?

David H.
National Instruments
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