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NI 9205 for temperature measurement



I just want to know if I can use analog inout module NI 9205 for thermistor measurement. As NI9205 has no excitation current, how to carry out the measurement?

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You need an external voltage source and a stable, known resistor of about the same value in the range of the thermistor for each thermistor ....

Followed by a little math ... you calculate the thermistor resistance values by measuring the voltatages of each voltage devider build by the known resistor and the thermistor. 

Add another channel to read the supplied voltage U_s

Configure the channel read list like U_s,AI(x),U_s,AI(x+1),U_s,Ai.....   if you supply isn't stable 😉

Since usual thermistors aren't high precision anyway .. I guess 1% resistors should be fine...

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