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NI 9205 exact sample rate


I have a quick question about the NI 9205. Datasheet says its sample rate equals 250kS per second, however it doesn't specify whether this number is the total number of samples acquired by the NI 9205 or if it's the number for ONE channel of the NI 9205.

Basically, I need to acquire many signals (like temperature, speed, voltage for example) and I wonder if, in a second, I'd get 250k samples for each or rather a total of 250k samples for all of these cumulated signals.


Sorry if it sounds like a dumb question, I'm new with all this.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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In the title of the datasheet, it says 250 kS/sec *aggregate*.   So if you have 5 channels in your task, you'd be reduced to 50 kS/sec *each*.


Not a dumb question, the body of the datasheet isn't real careful to spell this out clearly.



-Kevin P

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Thank you very much

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