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NI 9155 not shown correctly in MAX

I'm not sure if this is a LabVIEW issue, a hardware issue, or a combination of both. I have two cDAQ 9139 chassis', and a NI-9155 MXI RIO chassis.

When I connect the first 9139 to the 9155 with the MXi cable, the 9155 shows up in MAX correctly (Shown here in Figure 2 -


If I use the same setup as previously and connect the second 9139 to the same 9155 chassis, the 9155 shows up in MAX with the FPGA icon and not the chassis icon. 



Is there a piece of software that I am missing on the second 9139 chassis that causes the 9155 to show up as the FPGA icon and not the chassis icon? I would normally suspect that this means the 9155 chassis is setup for FPGA mode, but then why would it switch when I change the 9139 chassis connected to it? I have searched on here and google and haven't been able to find an answer yet. If this is better to post in the Hardware forum let me know.


Thanks for any help!

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Is there any change in behavior when you connect the second cDAQ controller; or is it just the icon that changes?


IE, are you able to move forward with the steps outlined in the whitepaper despite the changed icon?

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