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My instalable software generates an 2564 error code

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I finish a Labview project and when install the solution on the client PC, it doesn't work and send me this error code 2564.

The error code referents to a labview plug-in and i doesn't found it in the NI website.

Anybody knows which component I mus to include to the instalable version?


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Prsumably you are using some NI DAQ hardware since you posted to this board. In that case, besides the LabVIEW run-time, did you include DAQmx, MAX, and any configuration from MAX when you created the installer? You didn't simply copy the exe did you?
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I have a USB 6221 device in my project  

I build an executable and this file works well in my computer, later I buid an instalable and include these options :


-NI Run-Time engine 8.6.1

-NI-DAQmx 8.8

-NI-VISA Run-Time 4.4


and when install the volume in other computer and try to execute the exe file apears the message with error code 2564. 

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An error of -2564 points to something wrong with the Storage VIs. There is an additional installer called NI USI for Universal Srorage Interface. Try including that.


p.s. Paste any error code into an error cluster and right click on the code and select 'Explain error'.

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Hi Moisés,


Dennis is right. Read this KB:


So, rebuild your installer including that and check that this error is fixed.


Saludos. Jesus

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Now, I add  NI USI 1.6.0 to my instalable and the error code 2564 desapears.

But the aplication not work.

The message is this



error LabView.JPG 


I think the problem is in USB 6221, and the new computer detects the hardware but when i try to capture analog imputs with it doesn't work.

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Start with the basics. Open MAX and see if your device is listed. If it is, see if the device number is the same as your development pc. In MAX, run the self-test. If you created some tasks on the development pc, did you transfer those?
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Hi Moises,


why don't you try to add MAX configuration when creating the installer. Save the nce file to load the configuration later. See the screenshots I send you.





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Thanks a lot for your help.


I do it all you explain me, and the system doesn't work.

Now  all the aplication works but I don't receive signal from USB 6221.

I open MAX in the new computer and test the device, and the device works ( I see a graphical in the analogical input). 


Maybe there aren't all of components of hardware device to connect it  to my aplication   .



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Hi Moisés,


read the following piece of information:


Error 201003 is generally caused due to the following reasons:

  • DAQmx is not installed properly or has not been updated.
  • The slot location of the DAQ card has been changed.
  • The card is damaged.

To resolve this error, carry out the following steps:

  • Check that the card is powered and is detected by your operating system. To do so go to Control Panel»System»Hardware»Device Manager and expand Data Acquisition Devices. If your card is visible in this section it indicates that it is properly installed and has been detected by your operating system. If not, then turn your computer off and on again.
  • After the card shows up in Device Manager go to Measurement and Automation Explorer and check if the card is visible under Devices and Interfaces»DAQmx Devices. If it shows up and gives the same error or does not show up, uninstall NI-DAQmx and reinstall it. Make sure you get the right version and if necessary, update it by downloading the driver from this page.
  • Lastly, if the card shows up in Measurement and Automation Explorer but still gives error 201003 at the test panel, it indicates that the card is interacting with the driver but is giving the error as DAQ Assistant still has the previous configuration information from Measurement and Automation. To update the card configuration for DAQ Assistant, do the following for every instant of DAQ Assistant in your VI that uses the same card. Double-click on DAQ Assistant and go to Configuration»Details»Physical Channel. Right click on the entry there and choose Change Physical Channel. From the menu window that opens up select the current device configuration and confirm that it is the right one by checking in Measurement and Automation Explorer to see that the device number matches. This will update the DAQ Assistant.


I hope this helps!! Saludos.



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