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My DAQ, NI usb-6008, shows in devices and interfaces but not in NI-DAQmx Devices.


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IMAQdx is for image acquisition.
DAQmx devices are normally under "Devices and Interfaces", as shown in the screenshot.

Everything's working normally...
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Hello Millan,


a fully working NI-DAQmx device should appear in MAX as  NI USB-6008 "Dev1" for example.  This is not the case here and on the right some most of the device features and actions are also missing.


Our internal resources show that the reinstallation of NI-DAQmx might help in this case. Disconnect the USB-6008, uninstall the current NI-DAQmx version, install the latest NI-DAQmx version and connect the USB-6008 again.


You can download the current NI-DAQmx 14.5.1 version from this page:


Best regards,


Dániel Fülöp
Senior Applications Engineer (CLA, CTA)
National Instruments
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