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Multiple support for Legacy and M-Series

I have an interesting problem.  I need to support systems that use legacy products like The PC-TIO-10 timming I/O board.  I purchased a neat new M-series board, and UPGRADED my Labview Professional development system from 7.0 to 8.0.  The code that was developed for the older systems is compiled (Application Builder), and runs just fine. On a routine basis, I need to add a new feature (or fix a bug) to the old program,  I then compile the code, and install the compiled version on the old system.  I also need to develop new applications.  How can I, on a single PC install Labview that will support both legacy boards that require NI-DAQ 6.9.3, and my new M-series, E-Series boards that require abd cab take advantage of DAQ-MX (NiDAQ 8).  NiDAQ 6.9.3 is the higest version that will support the old board.  I do not need to run the old board on my development system, I just need to compile the code, so that It will run on the other computer.   Upgrading the legacy boards is out of the question, we would have to re-wire several older test facilities.  The new timming I/O board has only 8 timmers, and the old board has 10, and we are probably using all 10.  Since I upgraded my Labview, I only have version 8 available.
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Hi John,

Unfortunately there is no way to have both 6.9.3 and DAQmx  installed at the same time.  Those versions will interfere with eachother and will not be able to function properly.  I hate to be the guy with the bad news...

If you really need both versions on the same PC, the only thing I can think of that might work is setting up a dual boot system, which would allow you to have 2 operating systems on the one machine.  You could normally boot into one OS to use the M-Series with DAQmx, and every time you needed to update the 6.9.3 code you would have to boot into the other OS.  I don't know how feasable that is for you to set up (and I've never tried this myself...but I see no reason why it wouldn't work).  It's just a thought...


Justin M.
National Instruments

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