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Multichannel acquisition: Missing triggers on PCI 6052E

Hi !
I am performing a triggered multi-channel acquisition using PCI-6052E DAQ card.I am writing the data acquired on each of these input channels in to a file. I am attaching the vi. Any help from NI engineers is appreciated.
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If you want to trigger analog input and output using the same external TTL signal, in LabVIEW, you can do this by calling the AI Trigger and AO Trigger and Gate to setup the desired PFI line as the trigger source.

I would recommend to see, modify and try the LabVIEW example "Simul AI/AO Buffered Trigger (E-series MIO)" located in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW\examples\daq\anlog_io\anlog_io.llb library. Although this example does not write to the file, it will let you test if the trigger signals are actually being received through the hardware.

There is also a good place in our website that has detailed documentation on how to implement this: 0067f3cc/c950062fc4ed92888625661b004bd621?OpenDocument>Synchronizing Analog Output and Input to Star...

Now, if you want to do retriggerable acquisition, I recommend that you visit the following webpage: Performing Retriggerable Analog Input Using Two Counters

Hope this helps. Good luck with your application!
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