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Molex 71430-0013 footprint?

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We want to interface X-series boards to custom hardware using the standard NI cable (SHC68-68-EPM) that is also used to connect to the I/O connector boxes. While I could find the Molex 71430-0013 data sheets, I had no luck finding any library component for design software like Altium. Anyone has an idea where I could find this? Surely NI must have it themselves?

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Thanks for posting your question. About the Molex 71430-0031 unfortunately we can not provide the library component for Altium.

I want to suggest to make your own component with the information bellow.


Part Number: 71430-0031Sales Drawings, 3D Models, and Brochures


Please let me know if you have any questions.



Best regards,



Corné Westeneng

Applications Engineer


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Thsnks for the reply. I just found out that I was looking at the wrong connector though.. I need the Tyco 2-174225-5 connector on the board, and it has a component definition for Altium so the problem is solved..

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May I ask you where you have found the TE Connectivity 2-174225-5 libary component for Altium Designer? I simply can't find it in the Unified Components or legacy libraries.


The technical datasheets at TE seem to miss the information on the pin order of the 4-row connector as well...


NI: Is the TE 2-174225-5 (NI 777600-01?) the compatible part for the cable and connector that normally connect to the SCH-68 break-out box?



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I really cannot remember where I got it, maybe directly from the TE site. The library is called AMP D Subminiature 050 Series.

I'm attaching the lib in case you can't find it, glad I can help someone with this.

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Thank you very much!


The footprint of the 2-174225-5 connector seems to fit with the 3D model on TE's website, so that should work perfectly.

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