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Mixing Differential/RSE Inputs on NI-9209

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I am wanting to use a NI-9209 cDAQ module to take some differential measurements.  I will not be using all of the differential channels on the device and I have some other single-ended measurements that I need to do as well.  Can differential and single-ended inputs be done on the same module, assuming the proper wiring connections are made?  For example, could I do a differential measurement using AI0/AI8 and then do a single-ended (RSE) measurement on AI10?  Is the differential/single-ended configuration at the module level or is each channel configurable?

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I would just do differential on all signals, even if they are single-ended if I have enough channels.

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Simultaneously Acquiring Data in RSE and Differential Modes in LabVIEW says that you can do that. If you want confirmation, you can Create Simulated NI-DAQmx Devices in NI MAX and test it out.

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