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Medicion de temperatura con termopar tipo K y NI DAQ-6008

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Hola que tal saludos... Últimamente me encuentro trabajando en un proyecto de medición de distintas variables en LabVIEW junto con la tarjeta DAQ-6008, pero estoy teniendo problemas con la medición en la variable de temperatura, para esto estoy utilizando un termopar tipo K y la tarjeta DAQ-6008...

En realidad me ayudaría mucho si alguien me pudiera apoyar y poder realizar las mediciones adecuadas para mi proyecto final.

Muchas gracias.


Hello there, greetings ... Lately I am working on a project to measure different variables in LabVIEW together with the DAQ-6008 board, but I am having problems with the measurement in the temperature variable (i can´t do it), for this I am using a thermocouple type K and DAQ-6008 card ...

It would really help me a lot if someone could support me and so make the proper measurements for my final project.

Thanks a lot.

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     I don´t see a specific question or error but for general guidance you can review below link which defines  how to set and test the these signals;

For programming guidance, you can go Labview>click on Help>Find Examples. This will open the NI Example Finder;

Once on NI Example Finder, go to the left lower corner and select ¨Hardware> Add Device¨ and select your NI device.

Once your device has been selected, check mark ¨Limit Results to Hardware¨ and you will have plenty of examples including thermocouples.

Kind Regards,



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